: 7:30AM - Saturday August 15, 2010

Fast, flat course along this incredibly scenic oceanfront bike path. The race goes out 6.55 miles, then back once for the half marathon and twice for the full marathon

AID STATION : (1) at Start/Finish area
INCLUDED : Trophies to top 3 Finishers for all Races, Finishers Medal, Quality Generic Tech Shirt

Race Limited to 25 Runners - No Race day Registration


1st                  Dan Margolis                      3:28:20
2nd                 Steve Hernandez               4:24:00
3rd                  Masaaki Sunami               4:52:37
4th                  Gail Rumbaoa                    6:13:50
                        Ed Ettinghausen                5:37:21  Early Start
                        Jim Grimes                         5:45:29  Early Start
                        Joe Reilly                             8:14:38  Early Start

Half Marathon

1st                    Carlo Pineda                   1:35:56
2nd                   Michael Wiener               1:36:20
3rd                    Jackie Luper                    1:47:30
4th                    Ethan Ettinghausen        1:49:33
5th                    John Holloway                 1:54:39
6th                    Erik Schnautz                   1:57:56
7th                    Stephanie Stone              2:08:35
8th                    Gregory Bissett                2:15:45
9th                    Christina Dwyer               2:16:07
10th                   Ricky Gutierrez                2:30:07
11th                   Debbie Roth                    2:44:10
12th                   Omar Haikal                    3:08:01
13th                   Marla Omar                      3:28:38
14th                   Martha Ettinghausen      3:28:40
15th                   Lupe Guillen                    3:42:10