: 7:30AM - Saturday July 31st, 2010

Fast, flat course along this incredibly scenic oceanfront bike path. The race goes out 6.55 miles, then back once for the half marathon and twice for the full marathon


AID STATION : (1) at Start/Finish area
INCLUDED : Trophies to top 3 Finishers for all Races, Finishers Medal, Quality Generic Tech Shirt

Race Limited to 25 Runners - No Race day Registration


1st          Rob Cowan               3:02:11
2nd          Ric Munoz               3:49:08
3rd          Stephen Brang          3:56:09
4th          Kurt Neilan               4:10:07
5th          Ward Sullivan           4:17:51
6th          Ed Ettinghausen       4:18:14
7th          Eddie Hahn               5:12:31
8th          Cameron Coleman     5:53:04
               Leticia Ropers           4:18:14  Early Start
               Min Chae                  4:43:18  Early Start
               Kristen Cummins       5:15:00  Early Start
               Jim Grimes                5:38:54  Early Start
               Brad Schwartz           5:52:14  Early Start
               Mary Fischl               5:52:14  Early Start
               Yolanda Holder          6:46:48  Early Start
               Joe Reilly                  8:01:27  Early Start
               Steve Hernandez       4:10:59  Late Start

Half Marathon

1st          Tom Gorski                1:42:50
2nd          Moyra Gorski             1:57:23
3rd          Stephanie Stone         2:17:20
4th          Kathy Murphy             2:29:05
5th          Jay Seashore             2:33:20
6th          Michelle Palmer          2:54:31
7th          Jill Nelson                   2:54:32
8th          Joyce Thurber             2:59:41
9th          Charles Sayles           3:01:14